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Not My Toll Road and San Clemente Cares are community-based groups composed of more than 8,000 South Orange County residents who are concerned about TCA’s newest plans to connect the 241 to Interstate 5 in San Clemente.

San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Rancho Mission Viejo will likely bear the brunt of the devastating impacts to our communities. The small historic communities of San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano are already bisected by Interstate 5, and if this toll road is built, both cities will suffer irreparable harm to community quality of life, charm and character. Did you know that TCA’s proposed toll road extension will likely fly over established neighborhoods, soaring 30 feet above-grade and spanning approximately 100 feet? Even if homes that are not taken by the project will suffer massive declines in property values due to visual impacts, noise pollution, and drastic decline of air quality from tens of thousands of additional vehicles driving past our homes and schools each day? Similarly, if Los Patrones becomes a toll road, an estimated 22,000 vehicles create a permanent state of traffic on Antonio Parkway and in the surrounding area, greatly decreasing quality of life for Ladera Ranch and Rancho Mission Viejo residents.

Additionally, connecting the 241 to I-5 will do nothing to improve mobility in South Orange County. To the contrary, traffic congestion on Interstate 5 will be much worse, as vehicles are siphoned off the 91 and I-15 delivering commuters from Riverside to San Diego. This scenario is guaranteed to INCREASE traffic on I-5 in South County, the exact opposite of what TCA claims it is trying to do. We are surprised that TCA is pushing proposed routes that were apparently chosen by a small group of people, none of whom have traffic planning experience or necessary skill sets to solve traffic mobility issues and achieve real benefit.

Further, we all favor solutions that promote fiscal responsibility, but unfortunately, the TCA is wrought with a history of financial difficulty, junk bond status and wasteful spending. Instead of paying down the bond debt, TCA has been wastefully pushing a process that has no chance of coming to fruition due to the damage and irreparable harm it would bring to South County. It is time the TCA stops this flawed wasteful process, and time for OCTA and Cal Trans to begin collaborative discussions with the affected cities, using qualified traffic planning based on need and studies to achieve the greatest mobility solutions.

We are thankful to have support from Congressman Darrell Issa, Senator Pat Bates, Assembly Member William Brough, the City of San Clemente, Candidate for Congress Mike Levin and Doug Applegate as well as San Juan Capistrano and Rancho Mission Viejo who all realize these routes are too damaging to be considered as real options. South Orange County residents are prepared to stand up and protect all residents and neighbors against the TCA’s ill-conceived routes. We need to work together for transit solutions, such as increasing our train service and last-mile connections from train stations to employment centers and arterials, and not build more toll roads over our communities, decreasing the quality of life for our residents. For the well-being of all South County neighborhoods, customers and constituents, we urge you to not support TCA’s plans.

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