Mission Statement

The Coalition to Save San Clemente supports a vision for our city of a healthy environment, quality of life, maintaining the city’s goal of 50% open space, and being able to pass this vision on to future residents . A toll road through or around San Clemente harms this vision, and has failed to show any benefit over existing roads or other options.

We support arterial roadways, and look forward to the completion of Highway 5 construction in San Clemente and the completion of  La Pata (an arterial). We support the integration of modern technology to help the flow of traffic. We also advocate flex-pricing for the toll roads and reduced toll road prices during weekends and holidays with the ultimate goal of paying off the Toll Roads early and make them free.

While we don’t control San Onofre State Park, our status as one of the premier surfing towns in the world give us a special bond to this land. President Nixon recognized this bond when he chose to live here and allow our surfers access to the beach. We further recognize the courage and selflessness of the Marines in Camp Pendleton, which is why our town has adopted them as our own. We therefore will fight any plans that would affect San Onofre State Park or have any negative impact on its delicate environment, or of the Marines and their families now stationed at Camp Pendleton.

As our city celebrates 90 years since its birth, please join us and be part of the more than two million people who visit our town and our beaches every year.





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